Most Businesses Lose 11% Each Year Due to
Unhappy Customers

Professional marketers will tell you that good customer service
costs nothing.

In fact,
it costs much more
to get a new customer
than it does
to get new business
from an old customer..

Word of mouth is still the
most effective form of
free advertising.

It doesn't just happen.
You can make it happen!

Create a great
customer experience
and gain
competitive advantage!

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According to the Center for Media Research . . .

  • Poor customer service costs companies $83 Billion annually.
  • Nearly 2/3 of consumers said they ended a  relationship due to customer service alone.  
  • The average value of each customer relationship lost to a competitor is $243.


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  • 61% of customers surveyed said they took their business to a competitor when they had a bad customer service experience.




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Wow! I've read 100 or more business books, and I've never seen one this much fun to read. More than that, the 7 Steps in the book can help any business make more money.
Bob Sharpe
The Wizard of Biz 
Verena’s sense of humor adds just enough levity to keep you engrossed. Follow her advice and your business can’t help but grow. I recommend it highly.
Kathryn Robbins
Skin Care Specialist

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